I remember, when I was a child hearing my dad embellish every story.  Some part of me was always attracted to his ability to have a storyline and improve upon it with creativity and visual symbolism and soon the story became larger than it was.  I suppose by making work that expresses human emotion in dramatic form, I, too, am  continuing that legacy.
Influences that I have loved are cave painting, abstract expressionism, Degas, Kahlo, The Garden of Earthly Delight, Kathe Kollwitz, Max Beckmann, Vincent Van Gogh, and Susan Rothenberg.
I have always loved books, the illustrations as well as the words.  My work is a combination of that form of art.  Impacted by some arts that I have studied and seen, I am now creating my own story.   Sometimes they are a play, a poem, an opera or a comedy. Each story takes a life of its own combining visual and free thought and is a story, by itself but also part of a book that goes on and on.